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  • On 2014-02-04
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Welcome to all of our new and old subscribers! As most of you probably realise by now – after all of our informative and resourceful newsletters – the team at Intuyu Consulting spends much of their time working in long term learning partnerships with schools. We love it because we get the chance to build relationships, we see teachers grow and develop their capacity as learners and educators, and we witness shifts in the mindset and thinking of staff, students and all who come in contact with the school.Why I am writing this note to you is to share the expanded descriptions of what we offer and to introduce some of the new areas we are now touching upon in our professional learning offerings. From 2014 we have four broad areas of professional learning offerings that we have described in four “Scope of Works” documents. Our intention is that we address the key areas the schools need support in as they build the best learning culture aligned with the vision of the school.

1. Developing a Powerful and Engaging Spiral Curriculum

In this Scope of Works we have articulated the steps that Dr Adrian Bertolini and Narelle Wood have found works best in schools designing and planning to create a consistent and coherent approach to developing skills, understanding and knowledge across a school. Our work addresses both the state curricula and the Australian Curriculum and our coaching addresses creating the rigor and discipline of planning powerful and engaging units. In the process of our consulting we have gathered a wide range of resources, coaching materials, and examples from the schools we have worked with that can be found on our Resource CD.

2. Frameworks for Effective Learning

Cathryn Stephens not only is a secondary teacher, a teaching and learning coach at a Victorian primary school, and a mad Collingwood supporter, she is currently half way through her Masters of Instructional Leadership with John Hattie, Stephen Dinham, Patrick Griffiths, and other leading educational experts. She has had many years of hands-on practice in implementing the findings from the latest evidence-based research of what works best with supporting students to be independent and effective learners. This Scope of Works identifies the process she has found works with introducing and embedding the thinking and structures to ensure a strong framework for effective learning. One of the extensions that Cathryn is offering this year is longitudinal coaching.

3. Developing a High Performing Professional Learning Culture

One of the clear issues we have been noticing in schools, and a number of principals and system leaders have acknowledged, is that school culture can hamper the embedding of pedagogy and performance. We’d go even further than that and say … Culture eats strategy every day of the week. Given that schools are increasingly being publically measured for performance it is important that schools explore and develop high performance professional learning cultures. This Scope of Works shares the range of workshops and facilitated conversations that we have found makes a profound difference to school cultures. The offerings range from being a critical friend supporting the leadership team to create effective strategic plans and annual implementation plans, through to leadership coaching, and one off sessions on building trust, tribal leadership, situational leadership and more.

4. Empowering Student Performance – Programs for Students, Teachers and Parents

These are a completely new set of offerings for 2014. The intent of the workshops is to provide expert coaching so as to empower students to have the habits and structures that will allow them to perform in specific domains. Not only are there student programs but sessions specifically design to empower parents so they can support their children. Workshops cover topics such as student skills, student leadership, writing, catering to talented and gifted students, junior science, and growth mindsets. Narelle Wood, who is leading this initiative, is working on her PhD in the area of teaching and assessing creativity, and she has been teaching both at the Monash University Education Faculty and in specialised Gifted Primary Education Programs around Australia.
If you are interested in discussing:
  • building a powerful learning culture in your school,
  • developing leadership for staff with positions of responsibility,
  • the issues pertinent to your school,
  • tailored options specific to your school,
  • contacting one of the schools we have worked with,
  • costing and dates,
  • benefits of what we can provide, or
  • even what it could look like
Please email me at or call on 0413 036 382.
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