Planning Rigorous Integrated Inquiry Based Learning

Suitable for Primary and Secondary Teachers
Workshop Outline

This workshop takes teachers step by step through HOW they can plan rigorous inquiry units (integrated or not) starting with the Australian Curriculum. The planning process addresses developing learner centred-learning, self-regulation and meta-cognition, and developing big picture concepts and essential questions in a natural way. The planning process is built upon teachers developing shared common understandings of learning and progression and provides simple structures for formative and summative assessment.

Flow of the Workshop

Introduction to Powerful Learning  (8.45am – 10.30am)

If we are going to rigorously plan for inquiry based learning (whether it is integrated or not) we need to be clear about its purpose and also what actually develops powerful learners. The first session has teachers gain a deep appreciation of key elements of their craft that leads to powerful learning. They will explore the power of habits and progressively developing self-regulated learners.

Planning Process for Powerful Learning (11.00am – 3.30pm)

If we are going to develop self-regulated independent learners then the planning we need to do requires you to address 4 elements: What, How, Why, and Obstacles. Teachers will be guided step by step with examples through a backward planning process that supports teachers to:

  • Deconstruct the Australian Curriculum in a meaningful way
  • Identify observable success criteria for the entire unit
  • Create a logical sequence of key conceptual understandings that contextualises the learning for students and teachers
  • Create inquiry questions at various levels (Factual, Conceptual, Debatable) for the conceptual understandings
  • Design authentic assessment that are engaging and meaningful

Teachers will leave the day with a spine of a unit that they can continue to develop after they leave the workshop.


Dr Adrian Bertolini

Adrian is the Founder & Director of Learning of Intuyu Consulting. He is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders on practical and real education that empowers and develops resilient, independent learners. Whilst his journey began as an engineer and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Adrian has worked across Australia, with students and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, to create authentic learning structures and experiences. He redeveloped the ruMAD? (aRe yoU Making A Difference) program for the Education Foundation and it is now acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent inquiry-based learning models in the country.

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25 Oct 2017


08:30 AM - 04:00 PM


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Term 4


Brisbane QLD
Mt Alvernia College, 82 Cremorne Rd, Kedron 4013
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Rachel Manneke-Jones
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