You Can Teach Coding – Secondary Teachers

This workshop is designed for Secondary Teachers
Workshop Outline

This workshop is a great introduction to the Digital Technologies Curriculum and gives an excellent insight for Secondary School teachers on how they can infuse it into their current curriculum planning.

Flow of the workshop

Digital Technologies Curriculum and Coding
This session addresses what the Digital Technologies curriculum is requiring of teachers and why Coding (and computational thinking) is so important for the future we are preparing students for.

This session shows how teachers can teach students HTML easily as a tool for producing websites and presentations. Teachers will be taken through step by step the fundamental structure of HTML and how they can lead students through building a website.

A General Purpose Programming Language is one that you can build a commercial grade program on (Scratch nor HTML does not meet this requirement). Python is used across the world in schools and is a much better introductory language than Java or C for students and teachers.

  • Introducing Python
  • Python ‘Mechanics’
  • Python Turtle Graphics
  • Graphing with Python
  • Secret Messages
  • Putting it Into Practice and Going Further

Unpacking and Planning the Digital Technologies Curriculum
The last session of the day creates the opportunity for the participants to collaboratively unpack the Digital Technologies curriculum and discuss how they could begin to embed Coding into all subjects.


Dr Adrian Bertolini

Adrian is the Founder & Director of Learning of Intuyu Consulting. He is one of Australia’s foremost thought leaders on practical and real education that empowers and develops resilient, independent learners. Whilst his journey began as an engineer and Senior Lecturer in Aerospace Engineering at RMIT University, Adrian has worked across Australia, with students and teachers in primary, secondary and tertiary environments, to create authentic learning structures and experiences. He redeveloped the ruMAD? (aRe yoU Making A Difference) program for the Education Foundation and it is now acknowledged as one of the pre-eminent inquiry-based learning models in the country.

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14 Aug 2017


08:30 AM - 03:30 PM


EB $286.00 - FF $308.00


Term 3


Melbourne - Milanos
4 The Esplanade Brighton 3186
Suitable For
Rachel Manneke-Jones


Rachel Manneke-Jones
0411 270 277

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