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Previous workshops 2016

Planning Rigorous Integrated Inquiry Learning: This workshop takes teachers step by step through HOW they can plan rigorous inquiry units (integrated or not) starting with the Australian or State Curriculum. The planning process addresses developing learner centred-learning, self-regulation and meta-cognition, and developing big picture concepts and essential questions in a natural way. The planning process is built upon teachers developing shared common understandings of learning and progression and provides simple structures for formative and summative assessment.

You Can Teach CodingThis workshop, designed in conjunction with CLWB.org, is a great introduction to the Digital Technologies Curriculum and gives an excellent insight for teachers on how they can infuse it into their current curriculum planning. Suitable for both Primary and Secondary schools but Primary schools would spend more time on Scratch and HTML whilst Secondary schools would have a greater focus on Python.

Feedback from our Planning Rigorous Integrated Inquiry Learning workshops
"Thanks once again for your really skillful facilitation last week. The feedback from staff has been overwhelmingly positive. People REALLY appreciated walking away from the day with a plan for IBL for the term. As a leadership we definitely appreciated the balance of the educational philosophy side of things to challenge staff thinking and the practical support provided. It was great to have the refresher of concepts introduced last year, as we know it will take time to embed the thinking. As I said to you on Thursday, I think the pacing of your presentation stuff and your tone (authoritative balanced with "I'm still learning") were really appropriate and well received by staff." 
Mary Verwey, Principal, Heatherhill Primary, VIC
It was great to meet you on Friday and we got a lot out of it. I think what you had prepared for the day was exactly what we needed at this point in time. Each team has a planning day for Term 2 this week so it will be great to see it all being put into action. Look forward to you visiting again in July! 
Lauren Walker, Foundation Coordinator, Billanook Primary School
Thanks so much Adrian! Was a terrific day. You have a good instinct for knowing what people need and when.
Natalie Stephenson - Director of Learning and Teaching 7-10 / Head of IB-MYP, Sacred Heart College Geelong

Feedback from our STEAM and Teaching Coding workshops

What did you learn?

"I like the fact STEAM encourages /enhances collaborative learning amongst students and staff. I like the hands on activity and I know my students will be engaged in their learning."

"That there is a technologies section of the Australian Curriculum. ideas for STEAM projects. Philosophy around STEM learning.

"How to implement the Digital Tech Curriculum into my school."

"STEAM is so much more than circuit boards. How little I really knew about STEAM."

What did you enjoy?

"I enjoyed networking and finding out about what other schools are doing/thinking regarding STEAM."

"Hands on. Out of my comfort zone. Great ideas about incorporating STEAM into our school."

"Hands on activities & the broad range of knowledge & real worked examples given by Mike."

"Opened my eyes to the future. Links to Australian Curriculum."


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