Leadership and Learning: Part 1

  • On 28-02-2010
It is interesting when you start reading out of your field how many interesting ideas one discovers that are applicable to education. Ken Blanchard is one of the world leading experts on management and leadership. He is the author of a series of books called the “One Minute Manager”. He, and his team, have sold […]
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Practices. Practices!

  • On 19-02-2010
I have had an interesting time this week as I went and visited a range of schools to observe teachers teaching (or should that be … provide a space for learning to occur?). I was able to sit in on a range of teachers and the variety of approaches they use to promote learning. Before […]
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Templates, De-Schooling Society and the Future

  • On 10-02-2010
This week I thought I’d make a short entry but one that could be really useful for you. Yep … I am giving you stuff in this one! When I lead inquiry learning workshops with teachers one of the skills that they highlight as important for young people growing up in a 21st century environment […]
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Freakonomics and My School

  • On 04-02-2010
I like to write thought provoking blogs that create discussion and comments … much like the government puts out websites that only give some information and cause newspaper headlines. I both like and don’t like the My School website (http://www.myschool.edu.au/). At one level it allows parents to look at  their school NAPLAN results and give […]
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