Principal and School Leader Development

Growing Leadership and Excellence in Practice

The development of leadership teams and teacher excellence is what we are deeply passionate about. Our focus is to create sustainable trust-filled learning environments for students, parents, teachers, and leaders.

To grow a culture of leadership and alignment in your school, we lead a wide range of workshops, facilitated discussions, and long term bespoke leadership development packages, Principal and School Leader coaching and critical friend conversations as well as instructional, cognitive and leadership coaching to staff. Another aspect to create an outstanding teaching and leadership practice is the development of a visionary strategic plan with effective structures, ingraining values, aligning systems and processes.

Experience & research tells us partnering a school over several years is the optimum way to systemically develop your own bespoke leadership and excellence model that:

  • leads to a sustainable structure that is habitual for teachers and leaders within the school
  • is nurturing and builds a developmental mindset for all involved
  • supports teachers to build their capacity to enact evidence based learning and teaching practice
  • grows leaders and leadership throughout the school
  • develops strong relationships and trust amongst the staff both within their area and across the school
  • creates a focus on learning
  • creates clarity and aligns staff behaviour with organisational values
  • allows a school to be adaptable and nimble to address a high change educational landscape
  • can be linked to the AITSL Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

A Proven Powerful Structure that provides sustainable, systemic and habitual practices. Our most valuable program for Leadership teams, schools and teachers.

The 4 Key areas we partner you to grow your Leadership

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Design Effective Strategic and Annual Implementation Plans

Do you experience being challenged in implementing curriculum, pedagogy or change initiatives? Unpack a clear and sensible strategic plan step by step and guide school leadership through the thinking process, take ownership and achieve the goals.

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Leadership Coaching

Using a personalised approach, be coached to enact a project that develops practices and structures that will enable you as a leader to effectively fulfill on your role and goals. Projects could cover aspects such as leading instructional change, planning strategically, building trust end empowering conversations.

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Critical Friend Conversations

Designed in partnership with you to focus on how you can grow your capacity to strategically lead your teams. The conversations vary from bouncing ideas off an independent educational expert through to being coached – or getting an outsider’s advice – about situations you face.

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Middle Leadership Development Program

Across 3 sessions Middle leaders create an action plan based on the schools strategic plan for their area of responsibility, the plan can then be used by senior leadership to coach, manage and develop the middle leader.

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