Facebook: ‘Friend’ or foe?

  • On 18-06-2011
Can the social networking giant be a platform for learning; or is it just a virtual ghetto for bullies? In last week’s entry I discussed the merits of microblogging in the classroom. This week, the focus is Facebook – now seven years old (half a lifetime in the world of technology!) and still seeing an […]
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Building a High Performance School – Communication and Barriers

  • On 14-06-2011
As long time readers of our blog will know I am working with a number of schools to support them in creating a culture of high performance learning. If you read back through the blogs you’ll find some of the earlier discussions we have had around becoming clearer about what was their actual vision for […]
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Going Micro: meaningful microblogging in the classroom

  • On 10-06-2011
One of the key challenges in any classroom is to have our students express their ideas in a concise manner, often under time-pressure. The emergence of micro-blogs such as Twitter has required people to quickly become adept at getting a message across (sometimes to an online audience of millions) in the most succinct way possible. […]
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