Purpose + Alignment = Success

  • On 22-08-2013
Many years ago when I used to teach engineering at university I had a passing interest in the field of shape optimization. It was a fascinating field because the idea of optimization in my particular area of expertise revolved around designing software that could optimize the placement of material so that, for given forces and […]
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Developing Teacher Confidence Part II – Identifying areas of development

  • On 17-08-2013
As discussed in a previous newsletter on Building Teacher Confidence and Intrinsic Motivation the first step to building teacher confidence and having them be intrinsically motivated is to support them in rediscovering and articulating their vision as teachers. This reconnects them to their WHY they became teachers in the first place and helps them identify […]
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Developing a Culture of Learning – Building Resilience

  • On 15-08-2013
It has been a couple of months since I last wrote in the blog but that is mainly because I have been sooooo busy. Much of the work I have been involved with recently revolves around working with a number of schools to take them from being ‘Good” schools to be “Great’ schools. If you […]
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