Bringing Parents into the Learning Partnership

  • On 11-02-2014
A student’s performance is mostly impacted by three communities The School Learning Environment The Student’s Peer Community and their own beliefs about learning The Parental / Family Community Schools tend to spend most of their time, money and energy working on the School-Student leg. Most of the professional development done in schools is based on […]
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Going for Mastery – The Journey of Learning

  • On 05-02-2014
One of the sports I reintroduced myself to when I first began university was track and field. I was a reasonable athlete as a junior, nothing special, but I wanted to get involved in something that would challenge me personally. I had played team sports for years, and still did at the time, but I […]
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Delivering Long Term Results

  • On 04-02-2014
Welcome to all of our new and old subscribers! As most of you probably realise by now – after all of our informative and resourceful newsletters – the team at Intuyu Consulting spends much of their time working in long term learning partnerships with schools. We love it because we get the chance to build relationships, we […]
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