Templates, De-Schooling Society and the Future

  • On 10-02-2010
This week I thought I’d make a short entry but one that could be really useful for you. Yep … I am giving you stuff in this one! When I lead inquiry learning workshops with teachers one of the skills that they highlight as important for young people growing up in a 21st century environment […]
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Freakonomics and My School

  • On 04-02-2010
I like to write thought provoking blogs that create discussion and comments … much like the government puts out websites that only give some information and cause newspaper headlines. I both like and don’t like the My School website ( At one level it allows parents to look at  their school NAPLAN results and give […]
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Concrete Learning

  • On 28-01-2010
I had a fascinating conversation yesterday whilst I was at Rowellyn Park Primary coaching Grade 5 and 6 teachers in developing inquiry based units. Janette Lewellyn, the school principal, had invited Mike Scadden from Brain Stems ( to work with the teachers the following day and Mike happened to be in the room as I […]
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Perceptions and Environment

  • On 08-01-2010
Welcome to 2010 and the start of a whole new year of learning and discovery! Over the summer I have been involved in doing some research for Dr David Zyngier at the Faculty of Education at Monash University. David and I first met when I took over the ruMAD? program at the Education Foundation and […]
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Social Media Revolution – Luddite or Innovator?

  • On 15-12-2009
I was having a conversation last week with a teacher about the change that has occured (and is occuring) in the world since the advent of the computer. I believe I was one of the lucky ones because I jumped on the wave right at the start. I had my first PC at the age […]
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Skills for the 21st Century: Puzzles vs Mysteries

  • On 07-12-2009
I have just been reading Malcolm Gladwell’s latest book “What the Dog Saw” (Allen Lane 2009) and one of the articles in the book had me thinking []. In this particular chapter of the book called “Open Secrets” Malcolm discusses a distinction made by a national security expert (Gregory Treverton) between puzzles and mysteries and […]
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Welcome to the Intuyu Consulting!

  • On 13-08-2009
Welcome to Intuyu Consulting: Empowering 21st Century Learning. This blog is designed to enlighten, to give ideas, to share thoughts and to empower teachers, schools, students and educators to shift the culture of their schools such that they actually prepare their students for the 21st century. Firstly I want to say … I am not […]
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