From Vision to Leadership in School

  • On 13-02-2018
Are you disrupting your school culture? Society is in the midst of an extraordinary period of disruption – partly driven by technology but I believe mostly driven by the unintended consequences of the technology (short media cycles, constant online connectedness, increasing self-focus and self-gratification, perceptions of anonymity online, globalisation, etc). The Age of Information seems […]
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But we’ve always done it this way! Challenging our assumptions…

  • On 22-01-2018
  Schools and teachers often ask us to support them in embedding the Technologies Curriculum or to talk about how they can go about nurturing critical and creative thinking better or deepening the problem solving skills of students or even developing the students to be active learners rather than passive ones. Whilst I think these […]
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Part 2 – Design Thinking and the Bendigo TECH School

  • On 04-08-2017
How we used the Design Thinking process to empower teachers to come to a deeper understanding of the design process and to come up with their own ideas to embed Design Thinking in their school. This is part 2 of the thinking and planning that went into creating a 90 minute design challenge that would […]
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Design Thinking and the Bendigo TECH School – Part 1

  • On 10-07-2017
A day of experiencing and using design thinking at the forthcoming Bendigo Tech school 10 Victorian Tech Schools As you may or may not have known the Victorian Department of Education is in the midst of establishing ten Tech schools in various regions around Victoria. The intent is that these “state-of-the-art Tech Schools will use […]
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Ethical Leadership and Integrity

  • On 05-06-2017
Why is integrity to the school values and vision so important to the notion of transforming the narrative? In the previous article of the Transforming the School Narrative series we explored the importance and power of beliefs and how they could support or hinder learning. The beliefs we focused on mostly related to those belonging […]
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Cultivating Curiosity

  • On 04-04-2017
Is your school’s culture one in which curiosity and learning from mistakes thrives? This article is Part III of the Transforming the School Narrative series. In Part I we explored the default narrative we found across a range of schools in conversations we had with teachers and leaders. Hattie in recent times has been pointing […]
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Improving Performance – Social Intelligence

  • On 01-03-2017
Are you developing the social intelligence of your leaders and teachers as an access to improving school performance? In Part I we indicated that our focus this year is on providing the practicalities of creating an empowering narrative for learning and leadership within your school. In this article we explore some of Daniel Goleman’s research […]
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Making a Difference to Schools

  • On 01-09-2016
It is always pleasing to know when a difference has been made. Although it is rare to find out the effects of working with schools and teachers over a long period of time we recently discovered that an article had been written in a major Victorian newspaper about two schools we have been working with. […]
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