Skype Launches a Dedicated Network for Teachers

  • On 31-03-2011
This was reported on Mashable today and I thought it was worth sending out to this blogs readers! Teachers already use Skype to connect with other classrooms around the globe, bring in guest speakers without asking them to travel, and take virtual field trips. Now, Skype is making it easier for them to do so. […]
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Preparing a school for 21st Century Learning

  • On 24-03-2011
I recently had an email conversation with a friend of mine in the USA who asked me what I meant when I told her that one of the areas we are now working in is “culture shifting schools”.  As I wrote my reply I had to really think about what our vision is when we […]
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Fabulous Software for Developing Science and Maths Skills

  • On 09-03-2011
Some of you know that I was an Engineer by education. I love my science and maths and I always did well in them at school and university. Given this I was very excited when I saw three articles flash their way across my screen today and I thought I would share them with you. […]
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Developing 21st Century School Leadership

  • On 04-03-2011
I have realised over the past 6 months how few schools are actually clear about what their long term vision is. Part of the impact of this lack of vision and disciplined building of this vision is that schools can quite often be focussed on things that disperse their power and ability. They become like […]
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