Preparing for the Technologies Curriculum

  • On 13-04-2016
We recently finished a month of running workshops around Australia on “Practical Steps to STEAM” and “You Can Teach Coding” and we learnt quite a few lessons that are worth considering as you prepare to implement the Technologies Curriculum. Lessons The future we are preparing our students for should not be based on the way […]
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The Power of Questions

  • On 20-01-2016
Good questions are only half of the equation, we must listen deeply as well so that we can put forth questions that push students to elaborate and clarify their thinking.
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How one common policy hinders change in schools

  • On 17-12-2015
In transitioning to the Australian Curriculum many schools created a simple policy to assist teachers in their reporting - that now undermines the opportunity for curriculum and pedagogical change within the schools
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Creating a School Leadership Culture Part II: What teachers need and want

  • On 28-07-2015
 “Change begins with a culture where everyone is elevated to the status of learner”  Sarah Brown Wessling In the last blog I shared about the research that David Gurr and Lawrie Davidson from Melbourne University have been doing around successful leadership in Australian Schools. Since I wrote that piece I have been discussing their research (and […]
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Creating a School Leadership Culture Part I

  • On 15-05-2015
Transformational and Instructional Leadership “Leadership only arises when people are given the opportunity to lead” This was the main insight I took away from a recent professional seminar I was involved in at the University of Melbourne. It was an important insight for me because it connected some thoughts and ideas that I had been […]
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The Near Win – a positive view of failure

  • On 16-04-2015
Recently I wrote an article about the importance of failure in developing what Carol Dweck calls a growth mindset. Being able to see failure as a step to success is one of those perceptions or dispositions we could / should develop in ourselves as well as our students. The more we can be with the […]
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Transforming School Professional Cultures: Change and Belief

  • On 13-03-2015
How much change has been occurring in your school of late? What is your experience of the change? If we asked those questions of teachers in your school what do you think their responses might indicate? Would they respond in a joyful and empowered way or perhaps respond “yep yet another change”? I suspect for […]
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Failure, Mindset and Empowering Effort

  • On 05-02-2015
I don’t know about you but the break over summer is always a time of reading and often a time of reflection.  Whilst most of my reading is fictional (a summer habit that I have had since I was a kid when I read an average of 5 books a week) my work year normally […]
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