Improving Performance – Social Intelligence

  • On 01-03-2017
Are you developing the social intelligence of your leaders and teachers as an access to improving school performance? In Part I we indicated that our focus this year is on providing the practicalities of creating an empowering narrative for learning and leadership within your school. In this article we explore some of Daniel Goleman’s research […]
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Making a Difference to Schools

  • On 01-09-2016
It is always pleasing to know when a difference has been made. Although it is rare to find out the effects of working with schools and teachers over a long period of time we recently discovered that an article had been written in a major Victorian newspaper about two schools we have been working with. […]
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Maker Labs, Planning and Raspberry Pi

  • On 30-07-2016
I just came back from running a public Practical Steps to STEAM and Teaching Coding workshop at the fabulous Ipswich Junior Grammar School. There are three aspects I wanted to highlight from the day for you as you think and plan for enacting the Technologies curriculum next year   Maker Lab for Junior Classes Luke […]
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STEM, Coding and the Raspberry Pi

  • On 26-07-2016
You may have noticed, along with our Bespoke In-School Professional Learning, that we have been running Introductory STEAM and Coding workshops in schools around Australia now for the past year. It is a fun and joyful experience as we see the teachers have their “ah-ha” moments! They experience that moment of insight: “Oh! Coding isn’t […]
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Step 2 – Designing a Case for Action Narrative

  • On 06-07-2016
Unless the teachers and middle leaders are connected to WHY change is occurring then the change is not likely to occur with any depth or sustainability. This is why developing a Case for Action is an important element for effective middle leadership
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Preparing for the Technologies Curriculum

  • On 13-04-2016
We recently finished a month of running workshops around Australia on “Practical Steps to STEAM” and “You Can Teach Coding” and we learnt quite a few lessons that are worth considering as you prepare to implement the Technologies Curriculum. Lessons The future we are preparing our students for should not be based on the way […]
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